Academic institutions using OpenScholar


Why OpenScholar ?

Scalable solution

A multitenant architecture that allows academic institutions to host thousands of websites in a single instance of the application

Easy to create and maintain websites

It takes seconds to create a website.

Friendly user interface that makes it easy to maintain websites from anywhere through a web browser, without any technical expertise

Open source and strong community

Built on top of Drupal and a full stack of open source tools and technologies 

Used by many academic institutions worldwide 


"If academics knew what #openscholar provides, they would stage a revolt at universities wasting money on expensive proprietary junk CMSs."
Dominik Lukes (@techczech)

"Who is behind It is the most impressive Drupal thing I've seen in a long time. Very slick."
kylemathews (@kylemathews)

"Deeper inspection of #openscholar reveals more than I knew before. It's a very, very, very nice tool. #acquia #drupal"
Zohar Stolar (@zstolar)

"OK, it is official: @scholar_harvard totally rocks. Just installed scholar and project - thanks @jcthomsonjr for sending it over. #drupal"
Doug Worsham (@dmcwo)

" Impressive and easy to create Drupal websites for scholars. Very slick. (via @kylemathews)"
crutherford (@crutherford)