Every two weeks, on Tuesdays at noon U.S. eastern time, the OpenScholar Development Team at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University, hosts a phone call with the OpenScholar Community to discuss upcoming releases, development contributions from the community, pull requests from GitHub, and related topics relevant to this community.

Upcoming Calls

10/31/17 - Agenda: TBD and Community Questions

Dial in Number:

  • 1-866-889-3913 USA
  • 1-334-323-7225 USA
  • 108007141899 CHINAN*
  • 108001401929 CHINAS*
  • 08000229306 NETHER*
  • 08001844180 GERMAN*
  • 1800502593 AUSTRA*

Passcode: 30867

Reserved Lines: 15